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Demonstration of Technologies to minimise underwater noise generated by waterborne transport (ZEWT Partnership) HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01-13

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Paskelbimo data
2023 m. vasario 17 d.
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Termino pobūdis
Vieno etapo
2024 m. balandžio 18 d., 17:00 val. (CEST)


Clean and competitive solutions for all transport modes (HORIZON-CL5-2024-D5-01)

Project outputs and results are expected to contribute to the following expected outcomes:

  • Demonstration of underwater radiated noise (URN) reduction through large scale demonstrators or retrofitted ships employing URN reduction modifications and assessment through verifiable KPIs.
  • Demonstration of the effectiveness, safety and cost-effectiveness of noise mitigation devices, mitigation measures and management options and assessment through verifiable KPIs.
  • Development of standards for the specification of source noise levels by equipment suppliers and shipyards, which build upon the current state-of-the art.
  • Has increased the awareness of European ship owners of the environmental impact from underwater noise and the possibilities to reduce noise and its harm to the marine environment.
  • Provide evidence to regulators concerning waterborne transport underwater noise to better take into account operational conditions and environmental impact within any forthcoming regulation.