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News announcement18 October 20231 min read

Annual Economic Report (AER) shows recovery for EU fisheries after energy price crisis

The Annual Economic Report (AER) of the EU fishing fleet has published their most comprehensive and up-to-date compilation of information and statistics on the economic performance of fishing fleets in the EU Member States. The report has been produced by the Joint Research Centre and national scientists in close collaboration with DG MARE.

The AER provides reference data and trends that are widely utilised for policy-making purposes in international organisations, primarily the European Commission but also EU Member States and stakeholders (Advisory Councils and NGOs). One of its main policy uses is to support the preparation of impact assessments on fisheries policies and socio-economic assessments.

Projections in the 2023 Annual Economic Report on the EU Fishing Fleet suggest that EU fisheries are recovering from the 2022 crisis, increasing net and gross profits to reach values similar to 2021. This recovery is significant thanks to the decreased fuel prices before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Further information can be found on The Observatory's interactive dashboard which helps to visualise the marginal impact of fuel prices on the economic performance of the EU fishing fleet. 





Publication date
18 October 2023