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News article28 June 2023

Are underwater cables safe? OCEAN CALLS podcast finds out

How safe are undersea cables? Can our internet access be severed, and what happens then? OCEAN CALLS Podcast finds out in Season 3 Ep. 6: Are underwater cables safe?

It's an important question given that most of our internet traffic – our WhatsApp chats, Netflix, TikToks, Zoom calls and podcasts are recorded through a handful of undersea cables that are only 25 mm in diameter.

In this episode, Jeremy Wilks is joined by Nicole Starosielski, associate professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University Steinhardt, author of the book, The Undersea Network, and Jonas Franken, a researcher in the field of Critical Infrastructure Protection & Maritime and Information Security at the Technical University Darmstadt in Germany.

Listen to the episode on Euronews 


Publication date
28 June 2023