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EU Blue Economy Observatory
News article31 March 20231 min read

BlueInvest promotes sustainable technology and innovation

A year after its initial launch, the BlueInvest knowledge centre is making headway in gathering a community where entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and innovation stakeholders can connect with the Blue Economy.

Content and activities promote Blue Growth and help SMEs and start-ups access finance and business opportunities.

Members of the community can expect the following:

  • Business-to-investor matchmaking 
  • Networking, knowledge exchange and links to relevant accelerators, incubators, clusters and business networks
  • Online learning, training opportunities and coaching
  • Events and growth opportunities

The BlueInvest initiative will mobilise €500 million of EU funds for financial intermediaries investing in the Blue Economy sector until 2026.

Find out how to join the community. 


Publication date
31 March 2023