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News article24 March 20231 min read

ECO-CRUISING FU TOUR pioneering zero-impact cruising

ECO-CRUISING FU TOUR, co-funded by EMFAF, promotes new managerial, blue, green, and digital skills for an eco-friendly, zero-impact cruising industry.

The ECO-CRUISING FU TOUR initiative intends to develop new managerial, blue, green, and digital skills in order to pave the path for an eco-friendly, zero-impact cruising industry.

Coordinated by X23 The Innovation Bakery, an independent, multidisciplinary research centre in Italy, ECO-CRUISING FU_TOUR’s objective is to reduce the environmental footprint of the cruise sector and to increase the responsibility of visitors in the West Mediterranean region.

The project will design innovative, sustainable and smart cruising packages targeting Millennials and Gen Z, aiming at minimising the impact of large groups of visitors. The green component of the package will stimulate participants to enjoy nature-based tourism, where possible using alternative zero-impact means of transport to explore the places visited. At the same time, it will foster environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.

The project will also design and deliver a specialised capacity building programme, enabling cross-border cooperation, exchange of good practices and unlocking new business opportunities around the eco-cruise sector. The target are small and medium companies in the West Mediterranean area, as well as public and private stakeholders in charge of the promotion of EU and West European coastal and maritime destinations.

The project contributes to achieving key EU policy priorities as set in the Communication on a New approach for a sustainable blue economy in the EUEN••• , but is also in line with the European Green DealEN•••, the WestMed Initiative Strategy on the promotion of a sustainable tourism, the new Agenda for the Mediterranean, and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Publication date
24 March 2023