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News article28 March 2023Joint Research Centre – Ispra

EU4Algae platform boosting the production and use of algae

The EU4Algae platform is a European Commission initiative aimed at boosting the production and use of algae through a three-year plan to develop its industry and attract new species to the EU market. 

The initiative is part of the "From Farm to Fork" strategy, which is part of the European Green Deal, to ensure algae becomes an alternative source of protein to those of animal origin in line with the progress of the vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian trends.

The platform is a unique space for collaboration among European algae stakeholders, including algae farmers, producers, sellers, consumers, technology developers as well as business-support organisations, investors, public authorities, academia, researchers and NGOs.

Macro and micro-algae, bacteria, fungi and invertebrates are among the main marine resources used as raw materials/feedstock in the Blue Bioeconomy. Indeed, the Blue Biotechnology and non-traditional living resources is a sector that continues to grow within Europe's Blue Economy sector.

Find out more about the EU4Algae platform.



Publication date
28 March 2023
Joint Research Centre – Ispra