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EU Blue Economy Observatory
News article25 May 20231 min read

European Maritime Day highlights influence of Blue Economy Observatory

JRC Deputy Director Salla Saastomoinen talks about the impact the Observatory has made at the European Maritime Day.

JRC Deputy Director Salla Saastomoinen spoke at the European Maritime Day about the impact the EU Blue Economy Observatory website has had since its launch one year ago.

Still in its infancy, and with more than 20,000 visits to date, the innovative platform is fast becoming an essential tool for monitoring the development of the European blue economy. The platform identifies emerging opportunities and risks, and supports decision-makers to enable sustainable solutions. In addition to improving the visibility of ocean knowledge, the goal is to provide a dynamic portrayal of the EU's blue economy.

The Observatory, which is a joint activity developed by the JRC and DG MARE, and managed by the JRC, is having a positive impact. This is being achieved through a combination of increased engagement with stakeholders, governments, and companies, as well as offering a science-based knowledge distribution platform that promotes the sustainable use of our oceans, seas, and coastal areas.

JRC Deputy Director Salla Saastomoinen spoke about how the Observatory is advancing the goals of the Energy Transition Communication and the Marine Action Plan and also highlighted the longer-term vision; “I am convinced that the EU Blue Economy Observatory will help design and evaluate policy decisions, support the European Green Deal and ultimately build a stronger Europe.”

The establishment of the Observatory was cited as a crucial cornerstone in supporting the sustainability transition plan outlined in the 2021 European Commission communication" Transforming the EU's Blue Economy for a Sustainable Future”.

Although there have been significant accomplishments, it was recognised that further efforts are necessary to collect accurate information for the advancement of the sustainable blue economy. This information plays a crucial role in guiding the transition towards sustainability and making a tangible impact. In addition to taking advantage of emerging opportunities within the scope of the European Blue Economy.

The European Maritime DayEN••• (EMD) is the annual two-day event during which Europe’s maritime community meet to network, discuss and outline joint action on maritime affairs and a sustainable blue economy.

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[Salla Saastamoinen @ EMD 2023]





Publication date
25 May 2023