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News announcement21 September 20231 min read

Innovative SOft SkilLs to Maritime Education and Training: A Black Sea Success Story

Erasmus project, iSOL-MET, has bridged the gap between soft skills and competences required for the workforce in the shipping industry sector. Based on a standardised and original case-study methodology, innovative educational materials were developed to support the industry.

The project addresses the need for students to obtain the required skills to enter the maritime shipping market and provides educators with new educational tools to support this process. It also addresses the needs of the shipping industry for qualified personnel according to the latest technological developments.

It contributes to goal 2 of the Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea towards building “A competitive, innovative, and sustainable blue economy for the Black Sea” and, more specifically, to one of its main priorities, which is to promote blue skills and blue careers as an engine for innovation and competitiveness in the Black Sea region. 

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Publication date
21 September 2023