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News announcement19 May 2023

Joining Forces for the Energy Transition in EU Fisheries and Aquaculture

The high-level conference Joining Forces for the Energy Transition in EU Fisheries and Aquaculture, will kick off new stakeholder collaboration on the sector's energy transition. The day will consist of panel discussions, pitches, and networking with speakers from the fisheries and aquaculture sector, European institutions, research, and financial institutes on stakeholder collaboration, financing, technology, innovation, and skills.

It will be the moment to launch the process of establishing the new Energy Transition Partnership for the fisheries and aquaculture sector. The Conference will bring together all the stakeholders that are needed to act together to accelerate the transition towards a resilience and climate-neutral sector by 2050.

With the registration for the conference, stakeholders can also express their interest in participating in the Energy Transition Partnership and keep informed of the ongoing developments of the Partnership.

The conference will bring together key stakeholders to:

  • Generate broad interest in the for the Energy Transition Partnership, gathering the first community of actors and boosting further adhesions to the Partnership;
  • Start a dialogue about opportunities and challenges within the sector;
  • Mobilise actions and measures to contribute to a roadmap with concrete and feasible actions to accelerate the transition in the sector;
  • Showcase concrete examples of initiatives from stakeholders, and give visibility to the projects and best practices on energy transition.

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Publication date
19 May 2023