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News article19 June 2023

Launch of new website on EU Fishing Authorisations

The European Commission has launched a new website on EU Fishing Authorisations. Users can now search for data on fishing authorisations that have been granted during the last ten years for EU vessels fishing outside EU waters and for non-EU vessels fishing in EU waters.

The website boosts transparency in EU fisheries and the digitalisation of the EU administration by making relevant fisheries data available in real-time to the public. The shared information ensures that the operations of EU external fishing fleets are open and accessible to everyone. 

The ‘Agreements’ section also provides information on multilateral and bilateral fishing agreements and the legal frameworks in which the EU external fishing fleets are operating. Furthermore, the website is essential in implementing the EU Regulation on Sustainable Management of External Fishing Fleet (SMEFF regulation, EU 2017/2403), particularly on publicly accessible data.

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Publication date
19 June 2023