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EU Blue Economy Observatory
News article9 February 2023Joint Research Centre – Ispra, Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

More interactive pages

Employment page added to the dashboard

The latest addition - dashboards

With the launch of a new dynamic dashboard page, the Observatory is becoming even more interactive.

Users can now interact with a variety of dashboards that provide data and graphs illustrating the economic indicators used for the established sectors in the EU Blue Economy report. The six sectors include: Coastal Tourism, Marine living resources, Marine non-living resources, Port activities, Shipbuilding and repair, and Maritime transport. Data can be customised in terms of sub-sector, activity, Member State, indicator, and time period using a variety of filters. Plus, by simply hovering over the graphs using the newly designed blue indication tool, users may access and explore more information quicker. The user is given a detailed picture so they can easily filter the data they require.

Various sectors are represented on the dashboards in a colourful and vibrant way, such as; employment by sector, country, and turnover. It also includes; GVA, gross profit, and net investments over time, by activity and contribution to the EU. In particular, the data and charts show the main socio-economic indicators for the established sectors of the EU Blue Economy. Additionally, the stacked bar graphs and donut charts provide different perspectives within the various sectors, presenting information in a more transparent and comprehensive way.  

The Observatory's newest feature, the dashboards, intends to make it simpler to learn about ocean-related activities, discuss the most recent research, and gain a greater understanding of what's happening in the marine environment.












Publication date
9 February 2023
Joint Research Centre – Ispra | Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries