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News article10 March 2023Joint Research Centre – Ispra1 min read

New investor report shows ocean of sustainable blue economy investment options

The European Commission has unveiled a new investor report on the occasion of the BlueInvest Day 2023.

The report provides investors with an overview of investment activities and opportunities in the EU blue economy. Moreover, it features the key innovative technologies and a sample of investment-ready companies across 10 sectors of the sustainable blue economy from the BlueInvest pipeline. The report is part of an investor capacity-building programme that aims at guiding investors all the way – from understanding where the sector opportunities are, to setting up their financial product and investment strategy. The report aims to further mobilise private capital for clean tech in the blue economy, including groundbreaking solutions that can help fight climate change and support the objectives of the EU Green Deal.

Key findings from the report 

  • The ocean economy is projected to grow over the coming decade, and there is a growing interest of investors across all sectors of the blue economy.
    Out of a survey sample of 87 investors, 76 plan to invest an average of EUR124.5 million in the blue economy by 2030.
  • The main drivers for investment, apart from economic return, are innovation, impact and sustainability.
  • However, some barriers remain and there is still a big financing gap for start-ups and SMEs in the blue economy. However, some barriers remain. Respondents quoted high risk perceptions, a lack of investment-grade projects at scale, as well as their own lack of awareness and technical knowledge of the emerging blue economy sectors and concrete investment opportunities.

BlueInvest Investors Report 2023

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Publication date
10 March 2023
Joint Research Centre – Ispra