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News article6 November 2023

Seafood Algternative project - meeting demand for sustainable food products

To fulfil the growing demand for sustainable food items, the Seafood Algternative project, supported by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, is developing fish alternatives based on microalgae. Since 2021, a team of 10 has been working on algae's transformation into alternatives for seafood, with a focus on smoked salmon, canned tuna, caviar and tarama. Their success lies in integrating microalgae into these products while ensuring the organoleptic quality of the end product is perfectly optimised.

Leading the project is Algama SAS, capitalising on its previous success in vegan mayonnaise The Good Spoon, made from microalgae. Algama has already built a solid network of major food retailers of their products in France and the USA. 

The Seafood Algternative project contributes to the European Green Deal and targets a reduction of 50% of seafood carbon footprint with plant-based Algama alternatives vs animal-based carbon footprint. Algae, as photosynthetic organisms like terrestrial plants, fix CO2. Moreover, a tiny sample of algae taken from the sea can be multiplied in the laboratory, hatchery and nursery thus setting to zero the risk of unbalancing the ocean biodiversity.

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Publication date
6 November 2023