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News article23 April 20241 min read

EU4Ocean Challenge of the Year 2024: Call for Action

The 2024 EU4Ocean Challenge of the Year is "Be a Blue Citizen: Ocean, Citizenship, and Democracy". The aim is to connect the responsibility and action-oriented component of ocean literacy with citizens' roles and responsibilities within the democratic process, which delivers the policy and regulatory framework the ocean requires to deliver a healthy, resilient and sustainable ocean. 

The 2024 challenge of the year provides a specific (citizenship) flavour to the wider #MakeEUBlue slogan of the EU4Ocean coalition. Similar to citizenship and democracy, ocean literacy is about mobilising and empowering within a long-term and political perspective that can deliver the  role the EU needs to take for protecting and managing the ocean sustainably.

It is timely amidst upcoming elections and UN Ocean Conference discussions. It mainly targets young citizens and professionals, fostering inclusivity and civic empowerment across various domains to enhance ocean health and sustainability.

The EU4Ocean coalition's requested financial support is a maximum of €40 000. Three high-quality and impactful projects are expected to be selected and funded annually.


The Call for Collective Actions is accessible to all members (individuals and organisations) of the different EU4Ocean communities (the EU4Ocean Platform, the Youth4Ocean Forum, and the European Network of Blue Schools). Individuals and organisations that wish to join the Coalition can participate as partners of proposals.

Proposals must: 

  • Focus on the yearly challenge with a European perspective and tangible impacts; 
  • Be executed within a maximum 12-months period; 
  • Be submitted in English, including all requited documents;
  • Be complete, with all mandatory fields and technical and financial proposals included. 

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Publication date
23 April 2024