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EU Blue Economy Observatory

"No water, no life; no blue, no green" (Sylvia Earle - oceanographer)



The data and charts show the main socio-economic indicators for the established sectors of the EU Blue Economy. This dynamic dashboard enables the application of a number of filters to visualise subsets of data by sub-sector, activity, Member State, indicator and time period.

Energy transition

The sustainable growth of a blue economy depends on the switch from high-carbon to low-carbon energy.

EU Blue Economy Maps

Maps of the following sectors: Coastal Tourism, Marine Living Resources, Marine non-living Resources, Port Activities, Shipbuilding and Repair, Maritime Transport and Marine Renewable Energy.

EU Blue Economy Sectors

EU Blue Economy includes all sectoral and cross-sectoral economic activities based on or related to the oceans, seas and coasts: Marine-based activities and Marine-related activities.


Funding opportunities

News on the Blue Economy