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News article15 April 20241 min read

Ocean Ecostructure: BlueInvest promotes biodiversity

Ocean Ecostructure, a Spanish company based in Barcelona, is addressing major ecological problems such as biomass and biodiversity loss.

The company creates panels that facilitate the growth of marine life, creating micro-reefs and enhancing biodiversity in ports, oil platforms, and other offshore structures. Their participation in the BlueInvest Readiness Assistance Programme in 2023 has helped them to grow.

Ocean Ecostructure's innovation is threefold and comprehensive:

  • a calcium carbonate-based panel
  • a robotic data gathering element, and
  • a commitment to social engagement as the data is publicly accessible.

This ensures not only the creation of artificial marine habitats but also the accessibility of crucial data to the public for informed conservation efforts.

Ocean Ecostructure's innovative technology is inspired by biomimicry, replicating the surfaces where marine organisms naturally attach and thrive, such as coral reefs and rocky shores. By emulating these natural habitats, the panels encourage the settlement and growth of marine species, promoting biodiversity and biomass creation.

BlueInvest has been crucial for Ocean Ecostructure's journey. Their participation in the Readiness Assistance Programme in 2023 served as a cornerstone. It provided them with invaluable guidance and opened doors to prestigious affiliations with entities like the Spanish Port Authorities, Norrsken, and Repsol Foundation. These partnerships enhanced the company's profile and expanded its operational horizons.

With a seed investment round of 1.6 million successfully secured by year-end, the company attributes much of this achievement to the insights from BlueInvest.

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Publication date
15 April 2024