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News announcement16 May 2024Joint Research Centre, Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries1 min read

The Parliamentarian’s guide to protecting the Mediterranean Sea and coast

Members of parliaments play a pivotal role in transposing Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) into enforceable national law.

The Parliamentarian’s Guide to Protecting the Mediterranean Sea and Coast (the Guide) is aimed at parliamentarians serving in the Mediterranean region and the European Parliament—the EU being a Contracting Party— and at staff supporting them in discharging their duties.

The Guide offers:

  • Practical entry points to the UNEP/MAP-Barcelona Convention system.
  • Non-prescriptive recommendations on how to leverage the core functions of parliament, notably representation, lawmaking, and oversight (IPU and UNDP 2017).
  • Associated mechanisms to bridge gaps in compliance.

The outcome sought through this publication is a higher level of compliance and enforcement at the national level around the Mediterranean Sea.

The Guide