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Cultured meat and cultured seafood – state of play and future prospects in the EU HORIZON-CL6-2023-FARM2FORK-01-13


Publication date
22 December 2022
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
12 April 2023, 17:00 (CEST)


Fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food systems from primary production to consumption (HORIZON-CL6-2023-FARM2FORK-01)

Cell-based agriculture, and especially cultured meat (also called in vitro meat, lab-grown meat, artificial meat, cellular meat or cell-based meat) and cultured seafood, could be considered as a promising and innovative solution to help achieving the objectives of the farm to fork strategy for fair, safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly food systems. However, the potential environmental impact and impact on sustainability aspects need to be thoroughly assessed and safety established.

As such, the objective of this topic is to develop knowledge on the sustainability aspects relevant to this subject (i.e. environmental, economic, and social). It does not aim to help developing the market of cultured meat and cultured seafood in the EU.

Project results are expected to contribute to all of the following expected outcomes:

  • Full understanding and up-to-date knowledge provided to food system actors on environmental, economic and social aspects of cultured meat and cultured seafood, including on ethics.
  • Additional knowledge provided on potential challenges of and opportunities offered by cultured meat and cultured seafood to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, air, water and soil pollution, resource depletion and impact on ecosystems, generation of wastes, and on human health.