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Research infrastructure services to enable R&I addressing main challenges and EU priorities HORIZON-INFRA-2023-SERV-01-01


Publication date
06 December 2022
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Research infrastructure services to support health research, accelerate the green and digital transformation, and advance frontier knowledge (2023) (HORIZON-INFRA-2023-SERV-01)

Project results are expected to contribute to all the following expected outcomes:

  • Provision of innovative, customised and efficient RI services enhancing and increasing society’s long-term and consistent problem-solving capacity and evidence-based policy making;

For RI services to enable research linking environmental factors to human health:

  • Better risk assessment tools and data evidence to anticipate and mitigate negative environmental implications on human health;
  • Evidence to inform policy making and public health bodies with respect to assessment and management of environmental risks for human health;
  • Wider access to specialised RI services to underpin the competitiveness of the European industry and of SMEs active in the field of risk assessment and management of environmental impact on human health.

For RI services for improving clinical research in the paediatric area:

  • Advancement of paediatric medicines and other therapeutic and diagnostic approaches for this population group to markets and towards clinical use;
  • Accelerated availability of solutions and products to paediatric patients in need;
  • Wider access to rationally designed RI services across Europe to underpin the competitiveness of the European industry and of biotech SMEs developing paediatric medicines and treatment and diagnostic devices;
  • Joining forces of research infrastructures and paediatric competence networks in EU Member States and Associated Countries, to facilitate paediatric research in the context of pertinent EU regulatory environment;
  • Availability of innovative tools to conduct paediatric clinical trials, for the re-use of population and historical data, and for enhanced data sharing across actors at different care levels and across regions in Europe.

For RI services for healthy ocean and waters:

  • enabling/facilitating R&I for clean oceans and waters, as well as for climate change;
  • enhanced and further integrated RI capacities in support of the development phase of the Mission “Restore our Ocean and waters by 2030”, European Green Deal and international climate initiatives.

For RI services for sustainable aquaculture, fisheries and blue economy:

  • enabling/facilitating R&I for sustainable aquaculture, fisheries and the blue economy;
  • enhanced and further integrated RI capacities in support of the Common Fisheries Policy, the Farm to Fork Strategy, the sustainable blue economy and the European Green Deal.

For RI services for renewable energy technologies and systems:

  • enabling research and innovation to increase energy efficiency and foster a wider use of renewable energy, supporting the objective of the European Green Deal of a climate neutrality by 2050, the ‘Fit for 55’ energy targets and the SET-Plan action on integrating renewable technologies in the energy systems;
  • wider access for academic and industrial researchers to enhanced and further integrated RI services in support of the green transition.


This topic aims at providing trans-national access (on-site or remote) and/or virtual access to integrated and customised RI services for challenge-driven research and innovation in each of the areas listed below, offered by a wide range of complementary and interdisciplinary top level research infrastructures.

Access also includes ad hoc users’ training and scientific and technical support. Training courses for using the infrastructures may also be supported. Training courses and ad hoc users’ training will prepare the new generations of researchers to properly exploit leading-edge RIs, and should provide them with appropriate skills for data stewardship.

Activities to facilitate and integrate the access procedures, to further develop the remote or virtual provision of services and to improve, customise and harmonise the services the infrastructures will also be supported, including for better serving the needs of open EU industrial research and innovation.

While the main goal of this topic is access provision to existing services, limited development of new services, relevant to the challenges, can also be supported, including joint/cross-RI services, provided that the resulting services are opened and offered already under the actions (short term R&D) and that the long term sustainability of such services is ensured by the participant RIs. The long term R&D for new instrumentation, tools, methods and advanced digital solutions will continue to be supported under destination INFRATECH.

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