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EU Blue Economy Observatory
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Call for tender MARE/2022/OP/0002


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Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries



The subject of this call for tenders is the running and maintenance of the information system on commercial designations for fishery and aquaculture products (FAPs).This information system is a database of all information related to commercial designations of fishery and aquaculture products, and an expert system which enables the analysis of the consistency of the various data and their extraction in all community languages. The data are publicly made available by the European Commission on a dedicated web page.It provides the European consumer and, more generally, all EU and non-EU stakeholders (producers, fishmongers, processors, importers, retailers, customs and sanitary services) guarantees of transparency and accuracy as regards one of the key elements of the labelling of FAPs.The information system is ultimately aimed at being a simple and accessible means to promote a responsible and sustainable fishery and consumption of FAPs.