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EU Blue Economy Observatory

Energy Transition Partnership

This work will be the basis for the development of a voluntary roadmap with measurable milestones and actions for the energy transition of the EU fisheries and aquaculture sector towards climate neutrality by 2050. The roadmap will be developed jointly by the participants stakeholders and the European Commission and will be delivered by 2024.

The ETP will bring together key stakeholders to:

  • Gather a community of actors;
  • Start a dialogue within the sector about opportunities and challenges of the energy transition on the topic of the energy transition;
  • Discuss and develop common strategic approaches for furthering the energy transition in the sector;
  • Contribute to a roadmap with concrete and feasible actions to accelerate the transition in the sector;
  • Showcase concrete examples of initiatives from stakeholders, and give visibility to the projects and best practices on energy transition.


Who can participate

How to express your interest

Workshops of the ETP

The high-level conference Joining Forces for the Energy Transition in EU Fisheries and Aquaculture

Best practices on energy transition in fisheries and aquaculture

Guide on financing the energy transition in fisheries and aquaculture