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News announcement11 March 20241 min read

Call for papers on AI, data science, and scientific workflows in marine science

the International Journal of Data Science and Analytics have issued a Call for Papers: Special Issue on Data Science and AI in Marine Science and Blue Economy.

Data Science and AI play increasingly critical roles in Marine Science observation, operation and sustainable utilisation. This special issue aims to publish up-to-date, high-quality research and innovation results in all areas related to AI, data science, and scientific workflows in marine science. Contributions promoting Open Science and FAIRness are particularly encouraged.

All topics related to AI, Data Science, and Scientific Workflows, including statistical and mathematical modelling, knowledge representation and discovery, machine learning, deep learning, simulation and visualisation, and innovative task composition for the acquisition, integration, reduction, visualisation, and publication of data in marine-related application contexts are welcome.

Papers may address the interdisciplinary vision, position, review and significant theoretical and practical contributions to synergise AI, Data Science and machine/deep learning with marine science and to innovate new-generation systems and services. This includes but is not limited to new theoretical and technical advancements and novel and significant real-world applications. Open Science and FAIRness approaches deserve a special mention. Survey, position and vision papers are also welcome.

Submissions must be original, not published and not currently under review. Submissions should include a contribution statement on their significant and original contributions in the context of the state-of-the-art progress. Journal versions of previously published conference papers must consist of substantially new content, which should be highlighted adequately at submission time.

Submissions will be reviewed when they appear in the editorial system. Accepted papers will be published online before being included in the hard copies of the special issue.

Final submission deadline 30 June 2024 (strict deadline)

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Publication date
11 March 2024