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News announcement4 April 20241 min read

EUMOFA release new species profiles on seabass, sprat, sardine, mackerel and squid

New research has been released by the European Market Observatory for Fisheries and Aquaculture Products (EUMOFA) on new species profiles; the European sprat, sardine, Atlantic mackerel and European squid.

The species profiles provide market information and data along the supply chain on the most important species for the EU market. Commercial designations, species description and other qualitative information are reported, along with updated data on production (fishery and aquaculture), trade and consumption. Species profiles on seabass, spratsardinemackerel and squid represent an expansion of 16 profiles already available on the EUMOFA website.

Altogether, the 21 profiles include species descriptions and other qualitative information along with updated data on fisheries and aquaculture production, trade, consumption as well as prices throughout the supply chain.

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Publication date
4 April 2024