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EU Blue Economy Observatory
Avviż tal-aħbarijiet29 Marzu 2022Id-Direttorat Ġenerali għall-Affarijiet Marittimi u s-Sajd

Euronews OCEAN - Women in the blue economy

Traditionally, blue economy sectors (fisheries, aquaculture, marine renewable energy, ship-building, etc.) are predominantly male-dominated activities in Europe. Although women add high value to fishing communities and the seafood industry, their participation is often less visible, underpaid or undervalued.

In the new blue economy, however, this is quite different. For this episode, we will visit female blue economy entrepreneurs. In France, a young entrepreneur has founded FEMER, a company that has developed an innovative fish skin tanning process (from used fish skin) and sells “marine leather” to fashion designers. We will also meet other women involved in the blue economy, such as a female-run aquaculture company in Greece (Kefalonia Fisheries).


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29 Marzu 2022
Id-Direttorat Ġenerali għall-Affarijiet Marittimi u s-Sajd