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News announcement19 October 2023

Evaluating route-based green shipping corridors in and out of Spain

According to a new Global Maritime Forum research, Spain is ideally positioned to be a first mover in shipping decarbonisation by building green shipping corridors connecting Spanish ports to Europe and beyond.

The study entitled, “Green shipping corridors in and out of Spain: assessing route-based opportunities” highlights the eight most promising green corridor routes in and out of Spain. Based on the scale of trade, energy demand, dominant trade segments and policy environment, the analysis showed that the United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States are Spain's most promising partner countries for developing green corridors, followed by Turkey, Morocco, and China.

Findings indicate various deep-sea opportunities in the container segment, such as container trade between China and the ports of Barcelona and Valencia and between US East Coast ports and Valencia and Algeciras.

Short sea opportunities within Europe were also identified, such as container traffic between the ports of Bilbao and Liverpool, container traffic between Valencia and Turkey and general cargo traffic between Valencia and Italy. Finally, two promising cruise routes were identified: the Mediterranean cruise with Barcelona as the home port and the Atlantic Spain-UK cruise route.

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Publication date
19 October 2023