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News article5 February 20241 min read

Guidelines for a more sustainable and competitive EU aquaculture

Strategic guidelines for a more sustainable and competitive EU aquaculture are being implemented with the assistance of the EU Aquaculture Assistance Mechanism, which supports the EU Member States, the EU aquaculture industry, and other relevant stakeholders.

The guidelines have been the main pillar of the strategic coordination of aquaculture policy in the EU. However, the new revision aims to offer a common vision for EU Member States and all relevant stakeholders for the further development of aquaculture in the EU in a way that contributes to the growth strategy set up by the European Green Deal. 

More specifically, they seek to build a competitive and resilient EU aquaculture sector that ensures the supply of nutritious and healthy food, reduces the EU's dependency on seafood imports, creates economic opportunities and jobs, and becomes a global reference for sustainability. Based on these new guidelines, countries have been invited to review their Multi-annual National Strategic Plans (MNSPs) for aquaculture.

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Publication date
5 February 2024