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News announcement13 July 2023Joint Research Centre – Ispra1 min read

Orienting Young ScienTists of EuromaRine

Created in 2018, OYSTER (Orienting Young ScienTists of EuromaRine) is an independent working group funded by the EuroMarine network. OYSTER is dedicated to promoting and supporting opportunities for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) in marine science.

Since its foundation, OYSTER has continually connected with similarly oriented groups and institutions to collaborate on common goals and actions:

  • Engage with and represent ECRs within the EuroMarine network.
  • Provide skills development, networking opportunities, and professional support for ECRs.
  • Develop initiatives to support and integrate ECRs within European marine research.
  • Contribute towards capacity building for ECRs across EuroMarine member organisations.

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Publication date
13 July 2023
Joint Research Centre – Ispra