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News article2 April 20241 min read

Publication: Women in fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region

A new study has been published, which aims to narrow research gaps this study aims at narrowing research gaps regarding gender and fisheries, as well as supporting the commitments of Mediterranean and Black Sea countries to promoting gender equality. The publication; 'Women in fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region: roles, challenges and opportunities' is published by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The study highlights the role that women play throughout the fisheries value chain in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, including participating in pre-harvest activities like vessel and gear construction and maintenance, harvest activities both on board fishing vessels and from shore, and post-harvest activities such as sorting, cleaning, processing and marketing the catch, as well as in activities associated with running the fishing business, such as bookkeeping. Furthermore, women are actively engaged throughout the region in fisheries research and fisheries administration.

Despite the wide and varied roles played by women in fisheries, their contributions to the sector are often not captured in official statistics. Therefore, they can go unrecognised, reinforcing existing gender inequalities and potentially leading to inadvertent discrimination. At the same time, a lack of consideration for women working in the sector can also mean their knowledge and experience are overlooked and not sufficiently profited from. 

The study addressed the importance of taking the roles, needs and experiences of women into account when addressing social, economic and environmental issues related to the fishing sector.

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Publication date
2 April 2024