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News announcement30 June 20231 min read

Recommendation on the decarbonisation of finfish farming facilities

The Aquaculture Advisory Council (AAC) has published their recommendations for decarbonising finfish aquaculture facilities. In their report, the actions recommended to the European Commission and Member States include;

  • Establishing EU-wide mechanisms to reduce the cost of electricity from renewable and low-carbon sources and its price volatility.
  • Provide funding for research and technology to meet finfish aquaculture farms' specific energy transition requirements, including efficiency improvements and new systems. 
  • Assess and communicate to aquaculture stakeholders how decarbonisation efforts in finfish farming can be linked to other general European objectives, such as food security, increased organic aquaculture production and nature restoration. 
  • A request that Member States consider decarbonisation in the spatial planning of finfish farms, especially the distance between the sites provided to offshore marine farms and the harbours at which they operate.

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Publication date
30 June 2023