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News article13 March 20241 min read

Target setting in the sustainable Blue Economy

The Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative's Seafood Finance Working Group, which was co-chaired by WWF, has made a guide to help financial institutions follow the Turning the Tide and Diving Deep sector guidelines and set goals for the Sustainable Blue Economy.

The manual enables institutions to set targets that align with the Guidance and support the transition to a Sustainable Blue Economy, in line with the objectives of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework and the Paris Agreement.

While its primary audience is members and signatories of the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative (SBEFI), any bank, investor, or insurer may adopt this manual to support the implementation of the Guidance and guide target-setting for financing the SBE. Though applicable across the Guidance sectors, this document includes an annex of specific recommendations for target-setting in the seafood (fisheries and aquaculture) sector. For SBEFI signatories that are also PRB signatories, note that this manual is compatible with the PRB Nature Target Setting guidance for practice targets.

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Publication date
13 March 2024