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News announcement29 November 20231 min read

What's next for the EU's Atlantic strategy?

The Atlantic strategy is advancing towards renewed commitments to its further implementation following the ministerial declaration issued on 18 October 2023 by the Ministers of France, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal.

At the heart of the new declaration is decarbonisation and the deployment of offshore renewable energy. The EU Atlantic member states highlighted the importance of applying sustainable energy sources to vessels and ports, supporting the energy transition of the maritime sector. Concrete commitments include:

  1. To increase knowledge on new sustainable energy sources applicable to different fleet and vessel types.
  2. To foster vessel designs, particularly the small ones, adapted to new energy sources.
  3. To build port infrastructures for the deployment of offshore renewable energy and low-carbon fuels.

The annual Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference brought together the Atlantic community for two days of discussion. During the event, the participants reviewed progress and achievements linked to the Atlantic Action Plan 2.0

The Atlantic sea basin has a high natural potential for offshore renewable energy, particularly offshore wind energy. Fostering the deployment of marine renewable energy is essential and beneficial to the region. The four EU Atlantic member states committed to expanding offshore renewable energy production by taking measures to deploy wave or tidal pilot farms in Atlantic waters before 2025. This action will help meet the intermediate target of 100MW of energy supply from offshore renewables set by the EU strategy on offshore renewable energy.

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Publication date
29 November 2023