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EU Blue Economy Observatory

BlueInvest Investor Report 2024 Unlocking the potential of the Blue Economy


Publication date
7 March 2024


The Investor Report is a publication of BlueInvest, which was first released in in March 2023. It supports the aim of the BlueInvest initiative to boost investment and innovation in sustainable technologies for the blue economy by providing investors with an overview of investment activities and opportunities in the EU blue economy.

Moreover, it features the key innovative technologies and a sample of investment-ready companies across 10 sectors of the sustainable blue economy from the BlueInvest pipeline.

The report is part of an investor capacity-building programme that aims at guiding investors all the way – from understanding where the sector opportunities are, to setting up their financial product and investment strategy.

The report aims to further mobilise private capital for clean tech in the blue economy, including ground-breaking solutions that can help fight climate change and support the objectives of the EU Green Deal.


7 MARCH 2024
BlueInvest Investor Report 2024