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EU Blue Economy Observatory
News announcement12 June 20231 min read

News from the Observatory: Established Sectors Updated

The established sectors on the Blue Economy Observatory website have been updated. This includes; Coastal tourismMarine non-living resources, Maritime transportPort activities, Ocean energy and Shipbuilding and repair.

With over 25,000 visits to date, the unique portal is becoming an indispensable tool for tracking the development of Europe's blue economy. The platform identifies upcoming possibilities and threats and assists decision-makers in implementing long-term solutions. Overall, it creates a dynamic picture of the EU's blue economy, in addition to boosting the visibility of ocean knowledge.

The Observatory is a joint activity developed by the JRC and DG MARE.

Further news on the blue economy, including data analysis and trends, can be found in the new edition of the EU Blue Economy Report 2023. It also includes an analysis of the energy transition and assesses climate change and coastal impacts in the Blue Economy. 


Something exciting is coming soon on the platform, stay tuned!!!






Publication date
12 June 2023